Benefits of a HR Solution

Consider the fact that most Companies still only have paper-based Staff records stored
somewhere in a filing cabinet in the HR Office...

Then consider some of the problems with that:

1. Lack of Access Control to those documents.
2. Fire or water damage could easily destroy paper records never to be replaced again
  (By law some of these records must be kept for at least 5 years which can become a legal issue open to fines or prosecution).
3. Records could be misfiled by mistake.
4. Records could be stolen or removed on purpose to clear n specific Staff member of a disciplinary notice, or 'increase' available leave
  by removing some historical leave applications.
5. It would be very labour intensive to draw statistics from paper-based records eg:
5. 1.Determining the amount of leave available to all Staff.
5.2. Types of leave taken over specific periods
5.3. Cost of Sick leave to the Company
5.4. Types of Warnings issued over periods
5.5. Different Trends based on criteria such as Sick leave patterns or typically illnesses (which could reflect on the working environment)
6. If would also be difficult to keep track of the following:
6.1. Assets booked out to Staff members
6.2. Contract expiry dates
6.3. Reminder items for Staff related events
​ 7. Reporting of captured data will also be difficult for example to name just a few:
7.1. Employee Equity reporting and demographics
7.2. Management Reports

With LabourSoft, all of the above would be addressed

The next issue would be the ease of retrieval of the stored document and the document flow.

​1. If the documents are paper-based and physically stored in a cabinet, it would mean, if someone wants a copy of any particular Staff
  document the following steps might be involved:
1.1. The HR Admin person would physically have to get up from his/her chair
1.2. Go to the cabinet
1.3. Find the specific Staff member’s file
1.4. Look for the document in a, hopefully, indexed system
1.5. Go and make a copy of the document to hand over, or scan/fax to send the document
1.6. Re-file the document correctly
1.7. Go back to the task he/she were busy with before the request came

​With LabourSoft, the above would be a breeze and possible with a few mouse clicks without the need to leave you Workstation.

Imagine the time saving and impact on productively in a busy HR Office!